05 December 2005

[pdx_design] Portland Designers r0x0r!

Jeff Fisher, man in motion at bLog-oMotives, has publicized a worthy fact: The ominbus Designers Who Blog, maintained by Cat Morely of katz-i design, (who is, as is other designers such as Jeff and Pariah, much mo'smarter people than I) has been rated one of the top ten websites fo the month by HOW Magazine, an important design journal.

Why this is important for the local designosphere is that several of us local Portland-area designers are linked to from that 'blog. Amongst them, Jeff, Pariah, and Your Humble Servant.

There are others of note that you should also note. Read Jeff's post to find out which.


thec said...

Thanks for the mention Samuel.

A heads up - 'Designers who blog', along with Chris Gee's 'The Prepared Mind' have been voted amongst the top ten for 2005 at IF http://if.psfk.com/when/archives/top_ten_design_blogs_of_2005.html

Happy New year!

thecat at www.designers-who-blog.com

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

You're most welcom, Cat. I love DWB because of the exposure to styles and viewpoints I wouldn't otherwise see. It's an exciting page to visit.

It's truly exciting to know that DWB has been named one of IF's top ten of 2005, and moreover Chris Gee's excellent 'blog (which is one of my own featured links). It's a well-deserved honor.

Designer world domination in 2006!