05 February 2006

[tech] X-Treem Computing

There is still life on Planet SunDial; we all sometimes have our issues to contend with. Jan-Feb 06 seems to be Issue Season around here.

To liven up this intermission (and to preserve what meagre presence I have in search engines and stat-counters worldwide) I share with my tens of readers something I Google™ up and load whenever I need a laugh (and there's been several of those times lately) something some Brit maniacs making up the Temple ov thee Lemur (warning: not necessarily work or kid-safe) did a while back.

The object is to take a vintage mobo driven by an Intel i486 SX 25 (you read that right) and make it explore regions it was never meant to explore.

You will laugh, you will cry, you will believe that this antique can be overclocked more than nine hundred percent...but I get ahead of myself.

Folks, I give you The Extreme Use Of Nearly Universal Cooling Hardware – though you can call it Project E.U.N.U.C.H.

Stand back.

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