27 September 2009

[logo] Another Reason Why Helvetica Is Cool

2214.It resolved a logo design impasse – and the sum was immediately, obviously, greater than the parts:

I was working for Quiksilver as a tee shirt designer.” Said Dean Bradley. “In the building late one night I began to hand-write the company name. Unfortunately in the script I liked most the letters “ver” were horrible. So I went to the font that never let’s me down (Helvetica Neue) and used it at the end, creating a syllable-tempo logo. Quik, Sil, Ver with the “ver” set in type, and the rest in hand.

Some are a little too quick to hate on Helvetica/Helvetica Neue as a font so overused that it's lost all character. I find that a little too dismissive. As anyone can see above, the addition of bland, unexciting old Helvetica Neue kicks this little number up to a new level of edgy.

Just because Helvetica has been "overused" doesn't mean there aren't appropriate places to use it.

And sometimes they come up serendipitously, in the place you have no way to expect.

Via Logo Design Love.

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atul666 said...

You may have seen these already, but you might be interested in Helvetica, the documentary, and this handy guide to telling Helvetica and Arial (ugh) apart.