20 November 2009

[pdx design] Pride Foundations's 25th Anniversary – A Logo Design Contest Worth Entering

2262.As always I'm against "logo design" contests in the broad sense of the word. There are a few out there that deserve one's notice, and I think I've found one.

The Pride Foundation is a NW charity that functions as a philanthropic organization for the LBGT community, (read all about it), and is celebrating its 25th year of service with a 25th Anniversary Logo Design Contest. This differs from the usual logo design cattle call in several significant ways:
  1. The prize is a $250 donation to the non-profit of your choice.
  2. The logo will be used only during the Pride Foundation's 25th Anniversary year.
  3. It's meant to augment the current logo; it's not an attempt to get rebranding on the cheap.
  4. While they promise exposure, they don't promise that this will change your life, though it certainly could.
  5. It's for a charity that serves one of the most vulnerable segments of society right now. Your guardian angel will like it that you do this!
So, here's one logo design contest you can enter that's not evil, in my opinion. I'd at least recommend a serious look. For links to the submission guidelines, rules, and all contact info, check out:


Good luck.

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