16 January 2011

[liff] The Company I Keep Get Acting Jobs In "Portlandia"

The Fred Armisen/Carrie Brownstein epic Portlandia is all the rage, as it should be. I just saw the "Farm" episode on hulu, as most of us have, and loved the overarching story … which is the damndest shaggy-dog story you ever saw, hitting some PDX-tropes so hard they get levelled.

One sketch I'll always remember, and not because it's so weirdly funny. The last full sketch, the hide and seek contest, has, as part of its punch line, a fellow who's been "hiding since 1979", and someone I'm honored to say that I've known for years and despite this has no problems being my friend, and that's Ed Stiner.

That's a picture of him over there on the right. He is a nice guy, and you'd count yourself lucky o know him, and to see him in a commercial here, a bit there, and an utterly cool bit of comedy like Portlandia … well, a lot of us who know him always knew he had the good crayzee in him.

Way to go Ed!

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