10 June 2011

[liff] Finally, A Holiday Me (and every Graphic Designer) Can Get Behind!

2637.Who knew … June 10th is none other than National Ball Point Pen Day

Of course, you could celebrate with a Bic Stic or one of those blue clicky-pens, but for me, there's only one true love …

Pilot Precise V5. Black ink, baby. Because, as some sage once concepted my direction, one should only write in pencil when sick in bed or on a train.

I can't explain that, either, but it makes sense on the ineffable level, where things are basically not effed, or something.



vespabelle said...

I spent my childhood using my dad's pilfered Skilcraft pens so I have a special fondness for them. Others may have space age pens, but I have pens stolen from our space agency! (my dad was a NASA engineer.)

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

My mom worked for the State of Oregon and Skilcraft pens kept showing up around the house. I guess they get around. I didn't understand for a very long time that they were, I guess, The Ballpoint Pen Contractor To The US Government™, so for a long time I wondered why you couldn't find them in stores.

They were pretty good pens, especially the ones with the black ink. Liked those especially. And they never quit or seemed to run out of ink.