14 February 2012

[pdx_liff] Why Portland's Eastsiders Point And Laugh At The West Hills

2780Today in our Dept of Fighting-The-Man-Against-Gentrification Dept, who would think that the cozy residents of Hillsdale … a place one might describe as 'tony' … would enlist in the cause. According to The Big O, here's a First-World Problem for you, two blocks of a street in that nabe, Southwest Sunset Boulevard, is wanting for curbing, sidewalking, and a bike lane.

The neighbors along those two blocks? DO NOT WANT!:
Those who live on the two blocks in question worried that their "rustic"  street would be turned into “a hard urbanscape” with the installation of an "ugly concrete" sidewalk and bike lane. 
… and, I'm sorry folks, no disrespect intended, but I just had to laugh. You see, my turf is out around Southeast 122nd Avenue and Market Street. This is a part of portland that people west of César E. Chávez Blvd (or, 39th Avenue to the unreformed) still haven't completely realized is within Portland city limits. People see our streets and furrow their foreheads over how 'distressed' my corner of town is. The fact that the property owners (according to the story) have been using the public right-of-way for landscaping (or something) enters into this not-at-all, I'm sure.

What the hassled residents of Sunset Boulevard call rustic is what many of my neighbors call the street in front of our house. 

If you ever thought there wasn't an east-west divide in Portland, or wonder why the east-side regards the west-side with such suspicion … well, here ya go, Scout.

Just what the hell is a 'hard urbanscape' supposed to be, anyway?

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