25 April 2012

[OR_liff] The Popcorn Machine Has Been Cleared Of Blame …

2805Not long ago, word broke that Silverton's magnificent Palace Theater, a fixture for most of a century (and as an opera house, even longer) at the corner of Oak and Water Streets in the center of downtown, suffered a tragic fire.

At the time, one of the theatre's owners, the famous Stu Rasmussen, guessed it might have been the popcorn machine. The lobby suffered a remarkable amount of damage, and the estimate went as high as $300,000.

Good news: a message on the marquee has proclaimed that WE WILL BE BACK, and word is the business is on the mend: fully insured, saith this article at the Statesman-Journal.

Good on Stu and his crew. I always figured him for a smart cookie.

And the popcorn machine is off the hook for the blame. 

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