15 August 2012

[logo] Dominos Pizza, Dominos Logo - No Pizza, Just Domino

2860.The Domino's Pizza chain, nourishing legions of families and college students since none-of-us-remember-when, looks like it's going to start updating its image.

As revealed by Brand New, the Facebook page of Domino's New Zealand have rolled out a new look to the logo. If you don't care to follow the link above, here's the new face:

And if you've stopped paying attention (because you're not going to eat the logo, yes?) the old face was as such:

The diamond-shaped 'box' is no more; the blue now colors half the remaining domino.

Brand New's reporting signifies that it was not yet clear (at the time of their writing) that this was a local or chain-wide change, but Advertising Age and the Los Angeles Times have since published stories that indicate that this is more than just a logo rework but sort of a 'warm re-boot' of the entire brand, which has added things like artisan-style pizzas and is now working on a re-think of the Domino's store experience by spiffing up the spaces into more welcoming environments, and even maybe having a limited number of sit-down spaces at a few of them.

The new logo does show a bit more polish and sophistication. The type is where the slickness really shows; it looks like the type I see in the more hip print material I see, akin to Gotham or Freight or suchlike. The separation of the domino out is kind of a deconstruction, a 'dressing down' of the logo to its essential. The inclusion of the red is simply clever. The only real awkwardness is the matching of the the straight type with the tilted domino … they don't harmonize, and the space under the domino comes off as something one wants to fix.

But it's already starting to grow on me, so I think this one is a qualified success. I'd be interested to find out what the vox pop has to say about this one.

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