18 December 2012

[art] Scenes from a Studio: A Grounded Starship

2897.I've begun a gradual sifting of everything I own, not due to anything imminent or impending, but there is an ass-ton of kipple over years of adult and married life, and I might not win against it (as see the definition of kipple; 'tis entropy embodied) but I have to make some sort of a stand against it because that's what people is – an enclave of increasing order in a universe that seems moving toward disorder.

Something else that needs a stand now is this:

The USS Enterprise. In my little basement studio in a secluded corner of SEPDX, we have a starship down.

Every now and then, it gets a 'cat' scan. Usually that's delivered by Taffy, Octavius, or Dawg, but since they are cats and have developed all the technology they're going to need, they are ambivalent at best toward it.

This is one of the AMT-style kits, of which I have destroyed enough over the course of a childhood to support AMT single-handedly. I built this one about 10 years back and did, while somewhat inept, a rather creditable job of detailing it. I have since learnt that if you're really going to do this right, you'll paint your models parts before assembling them.

Lesson learned.

But I'll doubtless have to create its own stand.

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