24 March 2015

[SJK] By The Way, I've Made A 2015 Portland Photo Calendar … And You Can Still Buy One

… and, in my best tradition of being late to the party …

Well, actually, it's been up for over a month now. Since I was on an effective blog hiatus, I didn't post it here, though I have been promoting it on my Facebook stream. I, still, after all this time, am something of a schlimihl (in a Benny Profane way) when it's come to my self-promotion over the years.

No matter. Despite my schlimihl-hood, my amateur photography is definitely of a much higher grade. Reviewing the calendar itself will tell anyone this, and to my tens of readers who've followed this blog over the time I've posted pictures to it know that there're some pretty personal and special views of my beloved town.

Here's a preview of the Portland-y goodness it contains:

This is all available now at a 15% discount. This is a good deal because about 15-20 percent of the year's gone, but you still get 100% of 2015 in it, and 100% of the photos.

It's available at Lulu, and I'd be thrilled to see a few more copies. If you're good on the calendar tip, I understand … how about sharing this if you are?

To purchase it, follow this link (There's also a purchase link in the preview above):


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