30 May 2015

[Out122ndWay] Early '50s Nash Ambassdor Custom-SE 122nd and Market

This is the kind of vintage autos we grow out here.

At SE 122nd and Market, on the SW corner, there's a small strip center. It was anchored for a very long time by a 7-Eleven store whose franchisees, earlier this year, removed to the Milwaukie area. A Plaid Pantry (we are thrilled to learn) is going in there in its time; we know this by the OLCC liquor-license applications posted on the door. There's been minor construction activity in that old store space.

The rest of the building is home to a handful of Latino businesses; there's the most delightful tienda, where we get pan dulce to die for; a seafood restaurant called Luna Azul, and a couture shop where you can get all sorts of ranchero style mens fashions and quinceaƱera dresses and such. Parked out front of the tienda, there was this old-man-of-the-road, in beautiful condition:

What I know for sure is that this is a Nash Ambassador Custom. I suspect it's a 1952 or 1953, but which year, I can't be certain.

But isn't that one sweet ride? 

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