13 June 2016

[VW] The Yellow Beetle Gets A Sound System At Outrageous Audio

This is one of those things that is a very Portland thing to do.

Outrageous Audio is a little car audio shop out in the Rockwood area, at 192nd and SE Stark. It's in this charming, shabby little shopping plaza called (incongruently) Germantown Square. If there was anything German about it, it got on the MAX and left the are long ago, my friends.

But there isn't anything shabby about Outrageous. Blane, the owner and public face of the store, has been selling car audio and electronics out of that place more more than 20 years. His late-night commercials are unforgettable. He's one of the last great local commercial pitchmen, and examples of his craft can be found at the bottom of the "Our Story" page at Outrageous's website.

He takes his approach straight from the Tom Peterson school. But as big as the man's voice and reputation are, the store is an unexpectedly small place. Lots of stuff in there, though ... chances are if Blane doesn't have it, you don't need it.

What we needed was a good, basic, radio and CD player. Nothing fancy. They had something that fit the bill, and a pretty good price to match, too. Not to mention Mike, a diligent installer with caring hands who had the job done in under an hour.

Here, Mike's surveying the territory. He developed a quick action plan.

Trouble with having a '72 VW is these hippie chicks that keep hangin' round, man. Fortunately, this babe's cool.

... and that's what the place looks like. Anyone want an authentic Portland retail experience, and wants a sound system installed, there's your place right there. 

I mean, everyone knows that a car isn't a car unless you have a device that'll allow you to play your tunes and listen, while stuck in traffic because of a traffic jame, to the traffic report of the traffic jam you're stuck in because of the accident the traffic report was advising you to avoid, lest you be stuck in a traffic jam.

There was no traffic jams, but there were good tunes. A CD with pop music from the late 60s and early 70s. Which, of course, was flawless.

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