07 December 2016

[pdx_liff] Portland: We Have Theremins In the Libraries

Here's one way you can tell you're in greater Portland: in Hillsboro, our neighbor city about 20 miles to the west on the edge of the greater Portland urban disk, the public library will let you check out a theremin.

It's part of the Hillsboro Public Library's "Library of Things" program, where they enable lifelong learning and exploration by providing access to more than just books. Dozens of items from tech to musical instruments to kitchenware are available.

But to me, nothing is more Portland than having a theremin available for checking out from the library.

Presumably, theremin player available separately.

What other nifties does the Hillsboro Public Library have in its Library of Things? Hie thee hence to YouTube and find out via video.

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