26 August 2017

[design] Vintage Reproduction Folgers Coffee Can, Complete With Actual Modern Coffee

We found this little number at the Grocery Outlet store near our home; we bought it because it's cool and, won't lie, it contains coffee.

Just like drinking coffee in the 1850s
The can, if the upshot I'm getting from the design, is a reproduction of the designs one may have seen on Folgers cans back in the 19th Century day. Purchasing the can re-awakened some increasingly rustic memories of my own, such as what it was like to regularly buy coffee in cans at all, and the only words you had to know to select your coffee were terms like Chase & Sanborn, Yuban, and Maxwell House, rather than Sumatra Mandheling and kopi luwak and French roast and Starbucks.

The coffee inside? Just good, non-remarkable yet tasty, workingman's coffee. Which means it'll be no challenge to drink, and after the can's empty we shall fill it with some rusting nails and screws and leave it on a shelf in the garage to slowly rust itself while we enter our geriatric years; only to be discovered by a salvage crew in the late 21st Century, where they will take it on Antiques Roadshow 2087 hoping for a true find only to discover that it's a reproduction from 2017 and charming but not all that valuable.

God, I wish I could be alive for that.

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