27 May 2018

So, I Needed More Acrylic Paint For My Paint-By-Number Habit ...

I've been playing about with Paint-by-number again. The set I bought last year at Powell's has eight panels in it, and I'm on number five, which is the Statue of Liberty, here:

The set was produced to leverage the popularity of the book Paint by Number: The How-to Craze That Swept The Nation by William L. Bird (and published by Princeton Archtectural Press) into some art kit sales. There's a small book on the projects with text by Dan Robbins, the OG of Paint-by-number, the man who helped start it all with the Craft Master series by Palmer Paints, back in the day. It's not a bad set, and the pieces in it have been quite fun (I don't recommend it for anyone with significant visual impairment, as the lines and numbers are very small and very dimly printed - I have to take my glasses up and almost put my nose down to see the lines and numbers clearly).

But, perhaps it's my long time away from painting but of the twelve standard-sized paint-pots included, more than one of them are nearly out of paint. Maybe I used too much, I don't know.

However! The Craft Warehouse in Gresham to the rescue! It's at 687 NW 12th Street in the Gresham Station development. The Wife™ dotes on this store, and it's not hard to see why; if they don't have it, you probably don't need it, as far as craft supplies go. There is a section devoted to acrylic craft paints and more brushes than you can shake a mahl stick at, and it was there that I found a whole card of 16 acrylic colors, several of which correspond pretty well to the colors I'm running down on.

Behind you can see the twelve original paint pots in the box that the kit came in. The sixteen colors on the card, below, are beautifully fresh and pretty much the quality I need to do the rest of the PBN pictures (one hardly needs artist-quality acrylics to do these). And ... on sale for $5.44! Yes, such a deal.

Another boon I found was the Fine Art department of Craft Warehouse. Simply put, it's a fully-stocked, well-inventoried section; it could stand on its own as a small full-service fine-art supply store on its own! That's above-and-beyond for a craft-supply store, which usually has a small selection of rather pedestrian art supplies; this has graphite, oils, watercolors, acrylics, pretty much everything. So, it'll stay on our radar for certain. For an art-supply needer living east of 148th in The Numbers or anyone in the Gresham area, it's certainly a stop you'd want to make if you couldn't get in to Blick or Artist and Craftsman or I've Been Framed down in Portland.

Now, I'll move on to completing the other PBNs in that little kit you see behind it there.

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