15 October 2020

I voted, 2020


Dateline, Portland, Oregon, the ballot drop at the Midland Library. Less than a day after I received it, and more than two weeks out from Election Day, I have already cast my vote in what could possibly be the most consequential election of my adult lifetime.

The primary election was a little nerving. Happening in the thick of Covid time, as it was then, it took more time than I anticipated to register acceptance of my vote. Not taking that chance this time. I believe in Multnomah County Elections, I know they're solid there, but my additional accesses of anxiety mean that I'm going to let as few things go to chance as I can control.

So, therefore, this:

So there I was and there was I, at the ballot drop box in front of the Midland Library on 122nd, doing my civic and national duty.

If I'd had to wait any longer to get my ballot, I'd of gone down to 11th and Belmont and carve my damned vote into the side of building. 

I was, in fact, that eager.

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