28 September 2004

[pdx_life] Scoping The Volcano

All the rage on the news is the increase in activity inside what remains of Mount St. Helens. I'm hardly the first or last person to comment on this.

What I am doing is making sure the ViviCam 3705 and some extra batteries go out with me whenever I am out.

The latest reports say that the rumbling may actually be the fault of the recent rainstorms, filtering into the lava dome and causing stress leading to fracturing leading to rumbling. This is backed up by a expedition to the dome subsequent to the news of activity. No outgassing, which would be indicative of magma on the move, was found. But they still have thier eyes out for it.

In 1980, I 18 years old and living in Salem. Even though St Helens could be seen on a clearish day (and there still were those, back in the '80s) I don't remember seeing anything of it. I guess we were too glued to the tube, getting the really good shots. Shoulda looked out the window. There was even a light dusting of ash down my way one or two times.

This time, if something happens, I'm gonna get a photo. You bet.

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jill said...

You and me both. (Ready for a St. Helens blow up rerun, that is.)

At least you were around. I moved to California a few months before and missed it all.