01 October 2004

[sundial_life] Das Erstekatzeleid

Die Hauptkatze
From The Wife[tm]'s website http://www.rdrop.com/users/tierna

We have our eye on the condition of the catly feline specimen pictured above. He was born in 1987, as near as we can tell. He's our Keeeton, and he's pushing 18.

As many cat lovers know, that's an oooooold fella.

He's been aging gracefully but now we fear that Old Man Time is starting to gain on him. He's gone a bit listless and has lost a fair amount of weight over the past year.

It's all been gradual, so we put it down to old age.

He's still a gorgeous kitty, but it's starting to be clear that the curtain on the last act of this magnificent cat's life may be raising now.

I fancy that we're ready. I fancy that. He's been with me and The Wife[tm] since not even a month since we became me and The Girlfriend[tm]. It's a bit like we're the three amigos (or maybe the two amigos and the amiga). Since The Keeeton started to transcend the normal kitty lifespan I've been reminding myself that I might not have him tomorrow.

Like I said, I fancy that I'm ready. I know I'll feel like hell when he's gone. He's the best kitty I've ever had. That's all there really is to say about that.


pril said...

aw, he is beautiful and sleek looking. I hope you guys get to enjoy each others company for a while longer.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Gosh, that is so sweet of you. Thank you for the touching word.

BTW, I checked out your profile. I think bassists are kool, and you're a kool female bass player besides?!.

You rock!