27 December 2004

[pcc_life] The Comeback Kid Pulls It Through!

I note that I haven't bragged about my school performance, as other local 'bloggers have (and most rightly so). Well, here's mine:

Watercolor 1 A
Life Drawing A
Intro Dreamweaver A

Three classes, but a 40 hour workload. I know some of you can relate here.

What thrills me about this is that I did it with a week and a half size crater blown out of my term right about the middle due to a serious cellulitis infection (ask me if you want to know what that is and why it sux0rs; I've written about it before. Suffice it to say that I'm still healing from it, two months later).

There are two more terms to complete my Graphic Design degree-chasing experience. This term there are only two classes, requirement filling; Geography of Oregon, and Computer Concepts I (curiously classified as 'physical science' by PCC). CC1 is a 'web based course, so I'll only be going to campus one day a week unless I have a need or a want. and I won't be fighting morning or (potentially) evening traffic.

The end has hove in over the near horizon. Enjoy it whilst I can; after this May, I have to behave as a professional.


asia said...

Congratulations on your stellar performance. 4.0
Who taught your watercolor and life drawing classes?

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Thanks. That's very gracious of you!

My life drawing class instructor was Gene Flores. Very supportive and sensitive human being. His teaching style loosened me up quite a bit. He has a website: www.geneflores.com. Interesting stuff informed by his ethnic background and life.

My watercolor instructor was Mark Richardson Smith. He was also supportive; I would submit this absolute tyro stuff for grading and he gave me high marks and pointed out that yes, indeed I did get it. His PCC staff website is: http://www.pcc.edu/staff/index.cfm/635,html, and it says that he has work on display at Elizabeth Leach Gallery.