21 August 2010

[liff] Rules Of The Contest

This are the official Rules of the Contest.
  1. The contest rules apply only to the contest.
  2. The participants in the contest are contestants.
  3. Only one winner per contest after all participants have contested.
  4. The contest winner can enter any other contest, but not at the same time as this contest.
  5. There will be a runner up to the contest winner. The runner up may contest the contest's winning entry, contest the contest winner, and contest the contest rules.
  6. Pray to whatever gods there be.
  7. Contest losers may contest the contest, contest the contest rules, and contest the contest winner and runner up, but may only lodge one contestant contest. Additional contests will be accepted, but they will be contested until only one valid contest remains.
  8. Contested contestants' contests can be contested.
  9. Contest again … but with feeling.
  10. Submit all contest contests to the contest contest address on the back of the contest form.
  11. The first person who figures out where we left the contest form, wins.
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