06 August 2010

[liff] Who Needs Cherumple When We Have Dinglemunch's CakePie?

Latterly, the talk of the culinary world (or the "Believe it or Not" segment, anyway) is the "Cherumple": Charles Phoenix's pie-cake that combines cherry, pumpkin, and apple pies all lovingly enfolded within a spice-yellow-golden cake tomb.

"Nice effort", we say here in PDX. "You do, however, stand on the shoulders of giants."

Specifically, Nicole and Stan Kost. Stan, formerly of Milwaukie and now of Orangutang Orangeina Oronogo Missouri, was, as most Oregonians, ahead of the curve. He, too, noted with scholarly interest that culinary version of the terducken (as most of us did, via KGW's Live@7 who twitters via @TheSquare) and submitted a scholarly abstract of a highly successful experiment his wife performed sometime pack: The CakePie. And, in the interests of academic endeavour, near the end of the show, this was so exhibited for the delectation of all:

Now, my trained (and naturally cake-adoring) eye detects white cake, cherry frosting, and a cherry pie lovingly enfolded within.

Now, cake is the perfect food, and what is pie (as Jim Gaffigan says) but liquid cake? So, is this not doubly perfect?

I mean, foodies to your ovens at once!

Certainly, Charles Phoenix entertained us all and pushed the envelope. But I humbly suggest that without the Kost's diligent research and development, it may have all been for naught. Besides, what are you going to have if a cherumple is maybe just a little too much?

Gourmet magazine, you should do a bit on the CakePie mayhap.

See the full Duncan Hines at http://www.kgw.com/thesquare/upcoming-shows/How-did-you-make-money-growing-up-100082784.html . Don't be misled by the video title; that was the ShowQ, and @StephStricklen segues gracefully into the subject after reading viewer comments.

You're welcome, America!

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