07 October 2011

[liff] And Now, This Word On Behalf Of My Bass Guitar

2710.Some time ago (here, in fact) I rhapsodized about my humble Harmony bass. Over on the WordPress mirror of this blog (http://zehnkatzen.wordpress.com) I got a cool comment that I'm just in silly love with, so I'm repeating it here. A visitor named Victor wrote:
Sweet man, She’s a beauty, not worth a ton, but I have the same one. Got it for 25 bucks at a flea market. Mine plays like a dream, do her a favor, and play her! Start simple, like money, and work from there.
And I can confirm it’s a h704 there not expensive, but rare to come by.
What a nifty thing to say, yes? I love the fact that Victor clued me on the model humber (H-704) and just had such a nice thing to say about her.

I wasn't buying a famous geet, I knew that. Just a good bass that'll be there for me. And apparently, that's just what I got. And I do know something about rarities … a thing can be rare but not terribly valuable. What determines collector value, other than the availability, is the demand. If collectors don't care about it, no matter how rare it is, it won't have a huge monetary value.

But, as I said, that's not why I got 'er.

And the phrase Start Simple, like money? Is this not poetry or what?

This has been a word on behalf of the bass guitar.