27 March 2012

[art] It's Gamblin Torrit Grey Time!

2794The spring is sprung and that means grey, but in more ways than one. Of course, there's that particular Oregon gray, the sky that never stops giving us its water, but for some years now, Portland's own Gamblin Artist Colors does a singular thing.

Gamblin's Torrit Grey is a unique pigment. Every spring, they collect the pigments that are captured by the shops Torit® brand air filtration systems. When you mix all colors together, you don't actually get black … they neutralize and you tend toward gray. And the sum total of the color of all the pigments collected by the Torit are just a little different each time round, depending on what sells, how much of what gets made, and suchlike.

Well, Gamblin has just announced the game is on with the announcement of this year's Torrit Grey contest. Each year, Gamblin distributes tubes of Torrit Grey to art stores throughout the area, and is complementary with purchases of Gamblin products, just for the asking. You create some amazing value-based art with Torrit Grey and enter it in the contest.

Information is available here:


Game on, peoples.

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