10 July 2012

[ad_design] When Coca-Cola Was … Just What The Hell WAS That Little Guy, Anyway?

2855.This from our Middle-Southern Californian correspondent, Gigan Tirell, who sends these photos along with the comment Damn, Coca-Cola had some CREEPY advertising. Those

Yes, Tirell, those eyes …

Look into those eyes, and the phrase Have A Coke become less of a suggestion but an imperative you cannot … no, dare not resist.

I'm not sure what it is about advertising from different eras that makes it so inscrutable sometimes, but the wide-eyes of that little cherub, with the white hair combed back as though he were a villain from Batman (yes, the Adam West years, the only one with such self-aware ironic stuff going on) are disturbing in a way that reaches into the root of your soul, that chills you to the very core … just like Coca-Cola does!

Holy Schmidt!

Yes, mommy, I'll drink Coke, just make that horrid little guy go away, I promise I'll never misbehave again, please mommy …

Which is, of course, the sound of your inner resolve whimpering in moral and ethical surrender. You'll now drink exclusively Coke and the Pepsi heretics will get theirs, yah boy …

Oh, my. I seem to have gotten away from myself there.

Old-time ads. Inscrutable, I tell ya.

Thanks, Gigan Tirell. I think. 


Julie Strozyk said...

He's supposed to be a soda jerk, I guess -- but he's WAY too enthusiastic!!

Samuel Klein said...

I blame the Original formula.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of those kewpies which were popular around that time, I think.
- The Wife™