27 March 2013

[brand] Branded With a Life Sentence

2905.Being a national brand's spokes-face carries dangers of its own.

One can read any number of tales of an actors' stereotyping due to a strong character identification … Adam West and Batman come to mind. But what of those who become so strongly identified with a brand name consumer product?

Like Enzyte's "Smilin' Bob" … Joe Isuzu … The Dell Dude?

They've handled the fame and stereotyping in different ways. Joe Isuzu (David Leasure) kept trying until he got a sitcom role. Andrew Olcott (Smilin' Bob) went into production. Ben Curtis (The Dell Dude) is trying to be a filmmaker and trying to get roles as an actor … and, in the most folorn way, hoping that the Dell dude can make a comeback somehow.

Businessweek Insider has the most interesting story here. Call it a most unexpected dark side of the branding equation.

I'm betting Stephanie Courtney can probably find life after Flo the Progressive Girl, whenever that happens … but it'll probably touch and go, for a while.

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