28 May 2013

[logo] 21st Century Fox: Oh, We See What You Did There.

2932.This one came in over the transom a little while ago and we put it aside until … well, whenever.

Seeking something somehow, it was decided that the time was ripe to rebrand the company that lords over the great studio 20th Century Fox (as well as other properties that we shant mention here). To be sure, seeing the tag line A News Corporation Company over the classic title card design of that movie studios logo was always a bit dissonant; even if I admired News Corp, the dryness of the name against the lush history of the 20th logo sounded a discordant note.

So, with this presumably in mind, and things being what they are in the industry, and with the news companies due to be split off from the entertainment companies (sounds nice, but considering the source we don't expect much improvement) Mr Murdoch commissioned a mission to updated the News Corp's image. Money was spent; hours were burnt, gods and men were born on the boardroom table, but mostly, money was spent. And what do we get in return?

Oh. How … nice.


Oh! 21st Century Fox. 

We see what you did there. Now will you switch off the klieg lights so I can go back to sleep?

We note that this is going to be the name of the new holding company for 20th Century Fox. They are not changing the studio's name, which would be foolish really.

Gizmodo has some cogent things to say as well.

Onward, ever upward.


Sherry Crocker said...

the Problem is that it looks like Pac-Man got brained with a very sharp ax. Which is what needs to happen to this logo, the person who couldn't use photo shop or illustrator more productively, the team at Pentagram who blessed this mess and the idiots in Murdoch's association that approved the blighted thing in the end.
I got an F in my graphic design class for doing something ridiculously simple in my first assignment because and I quote: "You are talented and spending a lot of money to learn to do better and I expect you to."

Samuel Klein said...

Well, that's the difference between you me thee and the money, you see.

When you or me do it, it's Graphic Design FAIL.

When Pentagram does it (funded by All That Money), it's brilliance.

Simple, really.

No, I'm not bitter much. B-)