28 May 2013

[pdx_blogs] The Burnsider: A Bridge-Based Corner of Our Town

2931.Just stumbled on this delightful thing that sadly didn't get the attention it needed or they'd still probably be putting things up: it's a blog called The Burnsider, published by a couple of folks who walked across the Burnside Bridge to go and come from whereever it was they were to wherever it was they were going in the day.

It published only four months, during the year of May 2005-May 2006. But there are these clever little glimpses there. Here's one I hope they don't mind me using:

… which proves they have the eye for the long view.

As blogging has evolved over the past half-decade or so, the proliferation of local photoblogs have been less proliferious. I am sad for this.

http://burnsider.blogspot.com. Go there; surprise 'em. Leave a comment or two. Imagine the delight as they check the inbox.

We salute you. Burnsider.

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