06 February 2014

[pdx] On A Clear Day You Can See Mount Hood, or, Portland From the Pittock Mansion Before The Snow

Tomorrow at this time we expect to be engulfed by snow drifts measuring as much as three or four inches. Some say it's global warming, others say that it's the opening salvo softening us up for the kaiju invasion from the Fukushima event. Either way, this is what Portland looked like before the white hammer fell:

This is a wonderful angle and thanks to the free week at the Pittock Mansion, a photo I finally got round to taking.

Got more of this coming in entries to come; the Pittock is one place that has brought Portland history alive like no other for me. Learning something truly new is a good thing, and the wonderful Pittock makes it all vibrant and real.

See you all on the other side of the snowstorm.

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