23 August 2014

[liff] Scrabble at Chez Burgerville, 82nd and Glisan

What you do after you've had a hot, tiring, but quintessentially-satisfying day on Hawthorne Boulevard is take your Scrabble set to the Burgerville on NE 82nd and Glisan and play.

True story: at the corner of SE 41st and Hawthorne there is a curiosity shop that's having an going-out-of-business sale, and the shop is called the Blue Butterfly.

It's been having its GOOB sale for about 2 yahren, as memory service. Not hatin, just sayin'.

Anyhow. We poked around the tables in front and found a Diamond Anniversary Scrabble set. It's in this plastic clamshell case, with two drawers for holding tiles and the racks, rubberized wheels designed to allow the board to rotate in place when open, and a raised grid for holding the letters in place. But would it have all the tiles, we wondered?

I waited as The Wife™ did a quick count. 99 tiles. There should be 100. At a $5 price tag?

Hell, close enough!

Needing a cooling break, the next stop was the aforesaid Burgerville. Over two beverages, we laid out the tiles … no, actually, there were 100 of them!

Just one thing to do … game on.

My wife is a cutthroat Scrabble player. I rarely win. I won this game by one point …

… 10 points, if you deduct that Q that's laying just to the right of the playing field. That was hers. I used all mine.

That word at the bottom, PLUNGER? I started it as LUNG. She added the E for LUNGE, and I put in the P and R to complete the word. It wasn't the winning coup, but I figure I got style points for that.

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