21 September 2014

[liff] Outer East Portlandia Wildfire Afternoon

As posited in an earlier missive, the 36 Pit and Scroggins Creek Wildfires have, at a remove, given us amazing skies.

SE Stark at 117th Avenue, looking west.

The smoky cast t the clouds isn't always evident, but it stands right out when the sun peeks through those clouds.

Now, we're at SE 114th and Stark, still heading west.
Last afternoon the skies out here in Outer East Portlandia were decidedly amber.

God Loves the Denny's
And the effect overall was not unlike you walking into a room and seeing a filmy pall of the smokers within, clinging to the ceiling overhead.

Except that it wasn't nearly as obnoxious. At least, not this far away.

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