10 June 2018

The Daily Paint By Number: The Floral Still-Life, Complete

This is the latest production from the PBN easel, a floral still-life.
There were numerous small regions on it and I anticipated it taking longer than it did.

Most of those small regions are the same color, though, so when I mix one color up, it goes a long way.

In every piece there is a point that's halfway, and it's actually a little more like paying off a loan; for most of the first part, you're financing the interest,and then you're financing the principal and the rest of it falls fairly quickly.

Also part of this is being done with the new acrylics I got at Craft Warehouse two weeks back. That's the reason behind the slightly different pink shade in some parts; clearly they're mixing these colors differently.

In the last two PBNs, this one and the tugboat one, I actually am feeling like I picked up a couple of insights about making art, the physical effort, in general. The detail of them turned into a kind of meditation. Also, noting that using up all the paint from some of the original pots seeming strange, my Facebook friend Bruce Miller pointed out that heavy impasto look in the pink areas.

I think he has a point. But boy, doesn't it look gorgeous?

There are some sorts of folk art and art making that I used to look down on a little. I don't do that so much anymore.

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