28 June 2018

The Daily Paint By Number: The Last Of Indian Summer, and The New Project

The last daub of acrylic was placed on the last of the eight panels of the set dubbed Paint By Number Kit that I got a Powell's sometime last year. Here, for your delectation, via the crappy camera in my tablet, is the result:

The Paint by Number Kit works were fun, a challenge, something of an endurance test. As I mentioned more than once, the panels were lightly and microscopically printed; as an owner of a substandard set of eyes from childhood I found that I could not actually paint them with my glasses on. I had to take them off and bent down with my nose very nearly on the panel. And in the end, I went off-palette a bit; so the results are a little strange in a place or two. But art is, a little bit, about interpretation, and that substitution makes my programmed creation one of a kind.

There's always another subject to do. Here's the next:

Royal & Langnickel's PAL 21, Flying Fortress. Three majestic WWII-era warplanes in stately formation. It comes with the standard equipment; a well-marked (and much less eye-strain-y) panel, eight acrylic paint pots logically numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 10, 11, and 45, another cheapo brush to add to the collection, and the genius of the thing, which you can see above the paint pots: a reference illustration, printed on a standard-size sheet of paper.

It happens that when painting one area you wind up painting over a number that you'll need to know. That was a problem with Paint by Number Kit; in this product one as lazy as I need never make a mental note of what that color's number was.

Onward, ever upward!

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