13 September 2018

The Daily Paint By Number: The Italian Fruit Stand Is Painting, And We Branch Out.

The progress on Taste of Italy so far has accelerated since my health has improved after getting over my cellulitis infection.

I have resumed getting around mostly. There's still some healing left to do. Art should help. Here's where we are:

There were two kinds of solid-colored area to fill in. One was solid black, which was filled in with black; the other, a gray area, which was filled with a mixture of colors 7 and 15, which resulted in the charcoal-gray that now sprawls across the picture.

I like the sense of space the foreground defines there. This took about an hour and a half to totally complete. This is one detailed project! 

The fruit stall was my rite of passage into this work. I'm pretty sure I've got the skill to finish the rest of it, providing the paint holds out. I'm still a bit intimidated by the instructions that mention in case the paint runs out. I'm sure ordering more paint for this would be an ordeal, so I'm going to be mindful of this. 

So far, so good.

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