08 November 2004

[or_politics] Cryin' Ron Saxton

Ah, pundits. How else can one make such a good living whilst knowing absolutely nothing?

So Ron thinks there should be a stronger Republican party in Oregon? (The link is to a opinion piece by him on the KATU-2 News website)

Oh, ai yi yi. This is why I have trouble respecting pundits.

The Democrats who were elected and re-elected were approved by remarkable majorities, I'd go so far as to say landslide. The problem with the Republican party in Oregon (as well as everywhere else) is that they think that a Democrat winning is prima facie evidence that the R candidate isn't good enough, and that electing a Democrat to anything is simply wrong.

It never occurs to the elite Republican mind that the Democrat may just be the better choice. The People (who Republicans are fond of lionizing when they back thier play) actually thought that the Democrats were pretty good folks, and deserved to go back and keep working.

And don't go on about the power of incumbency. This last election put the lie to that. Tom Daschle knows this all to well now. And despite the obscene amount that the national Republican party spent on Goli Ameri, her honor-free campaign still couldn't knock David Wu out.

No, Ron, we don't need a 'stronger Republican party in Oregon'. We're pretty happy with the Democrats we have. They actually do good work and most of us like them!

In case you ain't heard, Ron, your party pretty much runs the country now. So try to buck up.

For a while there, I thought Saxton was a Tom McCall-Vic Atiyeh Republican (the kind I'd actually consider voting for). Won't make that mistake again.


Anonymous said...

Ron Saxton is a freaking idiot. It's so easy for someone completely uninvolved to say how things should work and what other people should do. We do it all the time in our blogs - and that's fine because my blog is mine, and your blog is yours.

But I strongly disapprove of Ron Saxton using the local TV news as his own sounding board. His views DO NOT reflect those of his station's viewers. Most of his little diatribes have zero content. Regarding bush, Ron said "in Oregon the president lost by an embarrassing margin." Embarrassing for whom? I voted against that fraud of a human being two times in a row, and I'm proud to have done so.

I avoid KATU like the plague.

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Rob, I know what you mean. I also agree with you. Unfortunately, KATU's paying for his 'political insights', and, by gum, that's what they're getting.

Of course, that doesn't change the fact that he's a Republican hack, but there you go.

FWIW, KATU drives us up the wall, too.

BTW, since you've paid me the compliment of commenting twice I looked at your site, and I must say I like the cut of your jib, so I added you to my list.