11 January 2006

[design] Direct Link To QuarkXPress 7 Public Beta Program

In case you can't get through to Designorati.com to get to Quark.com to sign up for the free Public Beta download program, here's a link directly to Quark's Quark 7 page:


Originally it was so overwhelmed by requests that it was returning confusing error-on-load message. That situation should have cleared up by now.

Here's the drill:
  • Go to the QuarkXPress 7 page. Click on the Public Beta link.
  • Submit the information.
  • Quark fires you back an email with directions for downloading and a password.
  • Follow the instructions in the email.
  • The Wintel version is 111MB, the Mac version 147MB.
  • Run it, play with it, but remember – it's beta. And it expires on 30 March 2006. That means some features won't work, the program may or may not crash, and there is no tech support available – but there is a forum available for discussion.
The buzz I've been hearing lately has been somwhere between positive and pleased.

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