24 January 2006

[sundial_life] Synchronicity

Like many, I saw the news about a fire in a south Salem duplex that tragically claimed the lives of two very sweet children.

Understand that I wish to make no light of this situation, but I was bugged by how familiar that duplex looked. After dialing up the Statesman Journal's coverage of it, my suspicion was confirmed; I lived in that very complex when I was in high school.

If my suppositions about which individual unit is correct, I likely lived in the other side of the very duplex which burnt.

Update, 24 Jan 06 at 0713: I have just heard on the radio that the cousin of the two victims, who was at Doernbecher being treated, has passed. Truly one of the most tragic of tragedies is the loss of a child. Think of the Arendt family in whatever prayers as you may.

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