11 January 2006

[design, tech] Designorati, MWSF 06, and Quark 7

Well, I pick a hell of a time to take a couple of sick days, don't I?

This means that I wasn't able to take part in covering the breaking news with the rest of Team:Designorati, but no matter. They've done a hell of a job, which you should read.

In particular:

And as someone who enjoys layout design just about more than anything else, it's notable indeed that the public is getting its first look at QuarkXPress 7.0. After the release date set at the tantalizing "Real Soon Now" for as long as anyone cares to remember, Quark Inc. has finally put up a public beta available for download (it's about 147MB, so you dialup customers, either find a broadband spout or prepare for a wait).

Pariah Burke mentions it here, at QuarkVSInDesign.com, including a link to Quark's Public Beta registration site. The Public Beta is automatically set to expire after 31 March 2006, so you still have to pay for an upgrade, but at least you'll get to see, at long last, what QuarkXPress 7 is supposed to look like, and after all this waiting, that's something to say.

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