01 July 2006

[blogs] Toward being an SOB

It's not what you think.

Liz Strauss writes, edits, and has worked in publishing. She currently bills herself as a "writer, career coach, and strategic planner with a focus on corporate blogging and strategic marketing."

She communicates. She solves problems. She wants to encourage the growth of SOBs. Just what are they? Successfull (and) Outstanding Bloggers. In her own words, they are bloggers who:
Offer a great feature, post, idea, or an article that will shed new light for the blogosphere. Add an outstanding idea, insight, or spark to the conversation going on at this blog or start one on your own and share what happened here. Contribute something that demonstrates that you think like a Successful and Outstanding Blogger. Find a unique way to “add value” to the conversation going on in the blogosphere to make it grow stronger
The goal of her endeavor in this area, "Successful-Blog" (http://successful-blog.com) is kind of like a combination between salon and idea marketplace. She (and the fellow-bloggers who convene there) chat and share ideas on how those of us who use blogs as part of a business strategy (whatever that may be) can make those blogs true resources.

I find it a compelling resource, one which inspires me to do more than just put my opinion up. Certainly I want to do that, but if I do just that, why should anybody care (or more importantly, why should I bother?)? The influences in my own life (including some notable current ones) suggest that one of the highest aspirations in a life is to help others in your community (however that's defined) become able to do what they do in a better way. I try to integrate that here, most notably recently about two posts back, where I described how to hand-code links in your Blogger blog.

Successful-Blog has joined my linkroll. Depending on what you want for your blog (higher traffic, interesting commenters, or whatever) maybe it should be in yours, too.

Forward the conversation.

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ME Strauss said...

Wow! Thank you for the thoughtful discussion of what we're doing at Successful Blog. I think of strategy as like gardening. You get to know the ground you're working with and plant the seed you think will do well there. Then you tend and feed them properly and some of the seeds come into being plants. Some don't. That's when you change your plans and tactics and adjust your gardening strategy, changing with the conditions, the weather, and the things that nature offers up. Strategy is organic and ever changing. That's what makes it interesting to me.

Successful Blog

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Thanks for stopping by, Liz! I appreciate the feedback.

I must say your blog is quite an inspiring thing. You make the passion that you have for what you do real, and while I will show up for something that displays passion, your's adds value to this proposition by putting an informational layer on. Not only can I enjoy watching your passion in full effect, but I can use it to help my own evolution.

This blog of my own is all about evolution. It began a little more than two years ago as just something to play around with but it's slowly turning into not only a way to aid my creative expression as a semi-pro journalist/pundit/designer but also to learn more about blogging, connectivity, and HTML/XML, and, by extension, strategy.

In the act of this, my traffic is going up, little by little. Coincidence? Maybe not.

As far as my garden plot goes, maybe I'm going to start bringing in some crops pretty soon...