18 July 2006

[distractions] What I Think Will Happen On Hell's Kitchen This Week

This week, of course, is epi six of Hell's Kitchen. Due to the vagaries of my current (third-shift) schedule I've not watched it yet.

I've had to tread lightly upon my searches.

But, based on the last several epis, here's what I think will happen:
  • In a highly unexpected plot twist, Keith and Heather will marry. Nobody will be more surprised than Heather.
  • Tom will return, only to eat Garrett, then be elminated once again. Yes, there will be sweat.
  • Viriginia will at last satisfy the regulars over at TVgasm by taking her shirt off.
  • After this, devoid of any remaining personality, Virginia and Maribel will merge into one gestalt entity, MariVirginiaBel, who will improve slightly before elimination.
  • An actual donkey will be employed by Chef Ramsay. Ironically, because of that donkey, Hell's Kitchen will get its first completed dinner service out.
  • Giacomo will return to get given the million-dollar restauarant, having learnt how to channel Julia Child.
  • Chef Ramsay will barbecue the backside of the man who came up with the deep-fried Mars bar.
  • A confused Heather will inadvertantly solve the conflict between the Israelis and the Lebanese.
Gosh...I can't wait to see if I was right!

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