13 July 2006

[blog_world] Not Scary. Not A Duck. Funny As Hell.

Scaryduck: One British person who had me laughing out loud.


(Warning: not necessarily for the kiddies. Some frank language. Discretion advised.)

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Scaryduck said...

And I see Portland every time I look out of my window. Portland, UK, not Oregan. My eyesight's not that good...

Samuel John Klein Portlandiensis said...

Yes, isn't that coincidental?

Actually, Portland OR is quite easy to see from your area. Just move over a little to the west. Only about 8,000 miles or so.

When I was growing up I was always intrigued by the way there were other Portlands elsewhere. Portland Maine comes to mind instantly. There's also a little town in Texas called Portland.

When it came to Portland, England, I was always frustrated. I was able to find the Portland Harbour and the Portland Bill but I could never find the town, and I always thought maybe I just wasn't looking close enough.

BTW I just finished reading your account of the auto accident. Laughed my arse off. Which is good, inasmuch as I need to lose some weight.

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