08 December 2009

[design] A Particularly Yummy Photoshop Contest

2272.I've opined on design contests before, but there have been times when the object of a design contest is quite a worthy one.

From various inputs I've received word that Portland's singular purveyor of carbohydrates, Voodoo Doughuts, is having a Photoshop contest. Details are here at Oregonlive.com (you'll have to register in order to upload your creation).

Essentially what you're gonna do is create a Photoshopped masterpiece using at least one of the six illustrated donutty products (the Bacon Maple Bar, the Marshall Mathers, the Voodoo Doughnut, the McMinnville Creme, and/or the Texass), and upload it to Oregonlive.com before the 7th of January 2010.

The winner gets a free Voodoo Dozen each month for a year.

Hey, you could do worse.

For your reference, the URL is:


So, lock'n'load your insulin pumps, and good luck.

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