22 December 2009

[logo] 10 Best and 10 Worst Identity Redesigns of 2009

2280.From Brand New, the 10 Best (and 10 Worst) ID Redesigns of 2009. They take in a wide swath. This'll have spoilers, but you'll definitely want to surf to the article to read the comments, especially considering the Best of the Best of.

The worst have principled objections. They include the Yale Press redesign which wasn't bad but laments the departure of yet one more Paul Rand logo from the commercial landscape: The Hilton redesign, which rethinks the H but opens up a travel-size can of authentic Photoshop-style bevel'n'emboss, giving it an unexpected design school touch, and the biggest of the worst, the not-very-much-lauded Bing logo, which has caused much mockery from both design geeks and typogrphy geeks alike.

The best? The AOL redesign. While Brand New tries to see the appeal to the zeitgeist that the AOL logo tries to reach for, the commenters seem to want to know what the blogger was on when he rated that one high, lamenting the departure from actual logo "design" that seems inherent in such a "nail-jelly-to-the-wall" approach.

Like I said, it's an adventure. Read all about it:


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