26 November 2013

[art] Learning Website of The Moment: Learning to See

Learning to See, whose title is evidently inspired by the one thing anyone must learn to do to do realistic art, is a site whose author is a self-taught artist who has stumbled on a lot of the verities about learning how to draw on his own.

It's got a lot of solid advice. His idea about how to become more creative?
Show up and practice.
Every day.
Whether you feel like it or not.

I hope that's not too disappointing. I also hope it doesn't sound glib. I mean it sincerely and I really want to help you by passing on what I manage to glean from my own work in the trenches.
I really do believe that this idea will not only enhance your creativity, but rescue your artistic self esteem, help you through procrastination and eventually help you become the artist you know you have inside you, if you could only find a way to bring her out.
It's really a bunch of common-sense like that.

He also mentions a drawing-a-day 'all-in' challenge, but he doesn't seem to have one open at the moment. Worth checking back for.


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