25 November 2013

[PDX] Lloyd 700 Superblock: The Difference 2 Years And A Ton O' Money Make

One more photo pair from the OryCon 35 Crow's Nest, a/k/a The View From The 15th (promise, though they have been rather good).

Two years ago, in the superblock (actually 4 standard Portland city blocks bounded by (clockwise) NE Multnomah Street, NE 9th Avenue, NE Holladay Street, and NE 7th Avenue there was only one building - at 700 NE Multnomah, the aptly-named Lloyd 700 building, the rest of the block taken up by parking, which see:

Well, what a difference two years and a metric ass-ton of money will make. There's more building still going on in Portland than you can shake a crane at, and the acres of parking that occupied that block are going to be subsumed into a group of towers than may or may not fill up - who knows, they said that the South Waterfront was the Next Big Thing but the place is a real ghost-town, let me tell you:

In making room for the foundations and underpinnings and the underground parking and the flavins they have actually exposed the plinth that the 16-story Lloyd 700 tower sits on. Now I'm a bit savvy about these things. I know they know that that is not nearly as precarious as it looks, but the illogical part of me says chee, I hope a strong northwest wind doesn't come along before they can get that block filled back in.

Funny thing? If we applied this sort of thing to an alien planet, we'd call it terraforming.

Fascinating, never the less.

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