26 November 2013

[liff in OR] Marionberry Pie: They See Us Rollin', They Hatin'.

2959.Found on the Deadspin website, a list of 50 signature state dishes, rated in order of how much they loved them, from 1st and nommiest (Chicago-style Deep Dish Pizza) to 50th and atrocious-est (Cincinnati "chili").

Our wonderful Marionberry pie comes in at a respectable 10th place, the top of the 2nd decade, pretty high up, with the following bon mot:
Mmmmmmm, pie. Oh man. Nobody tell any Oregonians how high their state food is ranked, though. They can't fit any more self-congratulation into their busy schedules.
Yeah, well, oh-snap, you.

The whole list is here (http://deadspin.com/the-great-american-menu-foods-of-the-states-ranked-an-1349137024). It's worth reading at least for the snark.

But don't go dissin' us Oregonians, yo. 

1 comment:

Ellen Cameron said...

It's an Oregon Marionberry pie. You're just jealous because you don't have one.