19 April 2014

[design] Dept Of Rose Valley Butter Corrections Dept.

I might have gotten my last post's subject bass-ackwards.

When I blogged about the new-look RVB package, I did so because the familiar, homey, farmey, yellow package had suddenly been replaced on the WinCo shelves by the buff-colored package with the single red rose.

This page (h/t, +Ben Rippel ) suggests I somehow have it all backwards. It speaks of the yellow package as the new design, and the one with the single red rose as the old one. While that doesn't explain why a bunch of the old design boxes showed up in the dairy case last week, it does make the equally-sudden mix of majority-yellow packaging on those same shelves make a bit of sense, maybe.

Commerce is a funny thing.

The yellow box (see the screenshot illustration) is designed, apparently, to harmonize with boxes with red and blue backgrounds (which see), which is their variety of rBGH-free butter, and form a coherent brand 'look', which is important in a product family like this.

I'm also told, by various correspondents, that Rose Valley Butter is indeed available in unsalted, although the nearest seller I can identify is Roth's … but the nearest Roth's to our house is in Canby, nothing wrong with Canby, but our carbon footprint's big enough as it is. And gas at such prices. And the FLAVENS. 

So, there's that.

Rose Valley's product page is at http://www.rose-valley.org/our-products/.

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