15 April 2014

[liff] Meanwhile, Down On The Farm.

At this remove, we are veggie-enabled. Tomatoes, of course. Three plants; Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes, always a dependable favorite, and two new tries: a variety promising to be big and producing, "Tony's Tomato", and a cherry variety called "Juliet".

There will be sweet pepper - the easy-to-love California Wonder.

We were thinking of not trying for a jalapeño, since it required a lot of attention and didn't yield much. Wife™, after seeing the cost of jalapeõs in the store, is reconsidering this decision.

Tony's Garden Center on SE Holgate is our pusher. Nice little place.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Juliet's a plum, not cherry.
The problem with jalapeños is that the slugs love them.

- The Wife™