06 May 2014

[liff] The 3-D Letters and The Synanon Ruler

The annual Gethsemane Lutheran Church is truly the Gumpian bawx of chawklits. You really never know what you're going to get.

Oh, there are some things which are verities. The snacks, running to chili, sausage dogs and lemonade, are exquisite. The baked goods, being Lutheran, are immaculate (I'm not really being a cutie-pie here; the Lutherans really do create some immaculate baked goods). The people … really, really sweet. It's hard to find a group so warm to people they literally do not know.

We found things that we were looking for for a while. A 2-controller electric blanket, a few nifty books, some housewares. And me, I found this:

Cute, huh? Unique? I dare you to find things like this within 15 miles of this place. To cases, then:

Hernard 3-D Title Letters. This was how we did image macros before there was an interwebs. These are small, ceramic letters, about 3/4ths of a inch tall and about a quarter-inch thick, and treated on the back with a stickum, this looks like it's easily 30 years old if it's a day. The stickum looks quite fossilized, but the instructions assure me that I'll get it back if I treat it with lighter fluid.

That's a relative thing, I'm sure. I wouldn't consider a coating of lighter fluid such a treat, but that's me for you.

The literature on the card on the back enthuses with promise. Create dramatic shadow effects with epic 3-Dness! Stick the letters to glass and shoot through them for effects! Carry them with you everywhere! Go crazy!

I'm going to live caption my cats. After The Wife™ sews me back together, I'll let you know how that went.

The other thing is a thing, and a strange thing, and a thing of a certain hobby of mine. Some people enjoy comparative religion. Not me. Much too straightforward and cute. It's got to be abstruse, eye-crossingly obsessive, and hard to follow. I 'collect' artifacts from some new religious movements. Sometimes, the sketchier the better. For a while I was collecting scripture books … I have a very old copy of Science and Health with Key To the Scriptures  that I'm rather fond of.

I stopped short of getting a copy of The Urantia Book, though. We have enough doorstops around here.

Anywhoozle, when I saw this, I couldn't resist … hell, at a tag price of twenty-five cents, I couldn't afford not to!

Synanon, for those who don't know, was a self-improvement creed that grew out of a drug-and-alcohol rehab group started by a man named Chuck Dederich back in the last 60s. It grew and prospered and eventually collapsed of its own weight. But they did have some small manufacturing base, and apparently some of that was devoted to making logo items.

Really, I recommend the Gethsemane yearly rummage sale to everyone. It's a fun experience. And you really do never know what you're gonna get there. 


vespabelle said...

my daughter and I accidentally came upon this rummage sale (stupid GPS) right before it ended so we scored some pretty great but boring stuff for $2 total.

(note to self: hit the rummage sales more often!)

Samuel Klein said...

However, you did hit the EVERYTHING half off time.

So you had that working for you.