24 August 2015

[liff] Neil Armstrong: Straight Outta Wapakoneta

Neil Armstrong is one reason I don't do bucket lists.

Why should I? I'm not only never going to the moon, he sharked being the first guy to do it. I mean, think about it. If he were still alive, no matter what you were doing, no matter what your peak experience is, even if you're in the middle of it, he could walk on stage, take the spot from you, say "I'm Neil Armstrong, and I'm the first human being ever to walk on a celestial body that isn't Earth", and that's history's mic drop right there. You can never compare to that. How can you? Are YOU going to the moon, chump? No. Even if you could, are you getting there in 1968? No.

And then he just retired and lived a quiet productive life, like OG Astronauts should. Zero shame in that game.

Neil was the luckiest human being who ever lived.

Just sayin'.

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